"Yumeno Tamago Jyuku"
Hida Academy

The School To Discover Your Egg Of Dream

 Prior to the Renaissance, human knowledge existed as one unified system. A philosopher in
those days was also a scientist, physician and artist. As a result, the whole spectrum of
human knowledge could be possessed by one person.
 The Renaissance led to specialization. What was once a single system spawned numerous fields of study.
And within each of these areas, further branches emerged. The sciences were divided into chemistry,
physics and biology. In turn, biology was further broken down into categories like botany, physiology and
microbiology. Now it seems impossible for an individual to understand the depth of just one such field of

 Specialization can easily be observed in our education system. Students are expected to narrow their focus.
Having too great a variety of interests seems to be discouraged, as some see it as impractical in today's highly competitive global community. In terms of Japanese education, observe the conspicuous decline in teaching of
liberal arts in higher education in recent years. Instead, the focus is on preparing for extremely competitive
 Despite Japan's current educational circumstances, many students still sincerely want to explore and learn
about a wide variety of topics. Naturally, they are curious. The merely need a different kind of environment,
in which to cultivate there interests.
 The recent amalgamation of Hida City marks a new beginning. We would like to use this opportunity to open
Hida Academy. Hida City has good traditional life, excellent nature and the faculties of scientific study. It is
our goal to support our young people and provide them with an educational foundation that draws on a diverse
range of subjects. This is much more than a steppingstone for high school students on their way to university.
The aim is to create an exciting learning environment, where students can discover their potential, and embark
on their path to become leaders of tomorrow.

1. Mission
We provide a learning environment, where young people develop their human potential to be leaders of Japan
and the world.

2. Goals
We aim to develop students' abilities, which we categorize in 4 languages.
@ Language for Communication
  (listening ability, international communication skills, Japanese communication skills)
A Language for International Society
  (English, Presentation skills)
B Language for Logical Thinking
  (discovering, analyzing and solving problems)
C Language for Information -oriented society
  (a broad ability to understand the meaning of various types of information,
  including music, picture, dance and other arts)

3. Educational Ideas
We believe that there is no better education than actual experience for young people.
Young people's boundless potential will find its way to blossom, through encountering world-leading
intellectuals in the rich natural and cultural environment of Hida City.
@ It is very important to show young people a comprehensive view of various studies before they decide
  their specialization.
A It is also important to meet world-leading intellectuals and learn from their experience.
B Young people can build their educational foundation by learning the comprehensive subjects listed below.
  <Basic Curriculum>
   Science for mankind.(Inc. history of science)
   Natural Science
   International Relationships
   Physics (The origin of materials)
   Philosophy (The fundamental of mankind)
   Ethics of Life
   Information and communication technology
   Cultural Studies

4. Programs
@ Text-based lectures and fieldworks/experiments
A Seminars (2 seminars in a year)
B Holding communication sessions with lecturers through Internet and between students
C A certificate will be granted to a student who attends the 2 seminars.

5. Seminars
Audience… 50 students (20 from Hida and 30 from the rest of Japan)
        20 junior and high school teachers
        Members of the public
Lecturers… 10 and more academics

6. Location and Duration
Location… Hida City (Furukawa,Kamioka,Kawai,Miyagawa regions)
Duration… About 8 days a year
@ August Seminar … 5 days (including Open Ceremony)
A December Seminar … 3 days

7. Financial Management
@ Donations from individuals.
A Participation fee
B Donations from cooperating enterprises
C City supplement
D Public foundation sponsorship

8. Organization
Honorary general chairman of the seminars …Dr.Masatoshi Koshiba,Nobel Prize Winner
Honorary chairman of the seminars…Dr.Jerome Friedman,Nobel Prize Winner
Head of the seminars…Japanese Academic (OB) (1 post)
Board of Directors…Japanese Academics (3 posts)
             Mayor of Gifu pref,Mayor of Hida City
Lecturers…University Professors,Academics,Scientists
Support Staff…Junior and High School Teachers
Office Staff…administrative sections (2 posts), ICT(1 post)

Gifu office …Kamioka,Hida City,Gifu Prefecture
Aichi office …Iwakura City,Aichi Prefecture

10.Other Information
@ We would like to welcome our lecturers from retired academics.
  Note: Historically,there have been many great figures who made significant contributions to society
   even after they retired from their social professions.
A Cooperating enterprises which are expected to support the initiative.
B The board of the Educational Committee of Hida City is supporting the initiative.
C Mayor of Hida City is supporting the initiative. 


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